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To empower the trend of research and innovation in today’s learner with a right foundation of values and culture through academic excellence for the global perspective and create an ecosystem for the holistic development of all stakeholders.

To provide an environment of research and innovation and encourage research bent of learning that creates multivalent competencies in growing learners that will emerge as an analytical leader.

The society strives to empower and support every learner in the domains of innovation and research by providing a platform for following:
» Guidance to write Thesis and Research Proposal Writing
» Guidance by experts to get original research paper published.
» Assistance to get international patents.
» Provide placements for the researchers and for those who are involved in research, innovation and academia.
» Cater platform to demonstrate Innovative practices in education, commerce, arts, science and technology etc.
» Recommends the eligible members for the UN talks and for conducting Master Training in schools, colleges and universities around the globe.
» International Conferences,Summits and quality sessions under the initiative MEETx
» Organizing national & international conferences,seminars, symposium and quality workshops.
» Academic Curriculum Assistance and content writing.
» Recognizing and honoring the genuine contribution of individuals in diverse stream and disciplines with certified and authorized awards and Honoris Causa Doctorate on the basis of their work and its outcome.
» Plans to introduce the international journal of CWSIR in near future.
» Various plans to empower woman
» Cater various workshops and training sessions for girls in schools/college
» Personality grooming sessions

Our Commitments:
» CWSIR is committed to uplift the society by providing voice and platform to women who are in the field of research and social work and to strengthen the nationa dn globe at large.
» Empowering the school to eliminate the rural and urban divide.
» Enhancing the quality learning through sessions to ignite the spirit of innovation & research.
» To work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create a harmonious society.
» International collaboration to work on common projects to give maximum learning exposure to the budding innovators.

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The Charles Walter’s Society for Innovation & Research(CWSIR) was established as an independent Research & Innovation Society